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We help people who are trying to make their own website and wanting to success in online business with the help of easy-to-read tutorial articles from beginning to advanced level.

Everyday our blog articles are read by thousands of people to make their website and to solve their queries.

Articles we publish are easy-to-read, grammatically correct and not longer then 5 minutes read which are very good for beginners.

We use relevant images and screenshots in a very clear manner for a better understanding. We also use gifs, videos and illustrations to furnish our articles.

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We are a team of small but passionate students from Rampur, India. We are passionate observer of daily life need. Back in 2018, TechAndBio was pioneered by Imran with the hope of providing free courses and articles about blogging. We are serving the people who are interested in making their own website and wanting to success in online business from beginning to advance level.

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We founded TechAndBio in early 2018 in dist. Rampur of India 244924

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