Viral Video of Woman Dancing on Badshah’s Song at Times Square Gets Over Over 30 Million Views and 2.8 Millions Like. Watch

A video was shared on Instagram by San Francisco based Indian blogger Puja Jaiswal now has been goes viral and viewed more than 28 millions times and got likes more than 2.8 millions. A woman start dancing Times square New York on Badshah song “tere naal nachna” and joined by a bunch of people who […]

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How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly in 2022

If you are using Blogger to manage your online content then you soon realize that Blogger has so many limitations. Because of these limitations you need to push your limitations to a more customizable Content Management System that is WordPress. If you want to move your website from Blogger to WordPress perfectly without loosing your […]

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WhatsApp now support disappearing photos feature. Here’s how to enable it.

WhatsApp finally launched disappearing photos feature. when you send a photo using the “view once” feature then it will disappear once the receiver seen it and leaves the chat. It was much awaited feature of WhatsApp and now WhatsApp officially adds this feature to the app. In this article you will get to know what is disappearing photos feature and how to enable disappearing photos feature in WhatsApp.

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Minify CSS

Minify JavaScript, and CSS in Blogger in 2021

Hi, while auditing your blogger in Google page speed tool, have you ever noticed opportunities to make your blogger’s loading speed fast. These are, “minify CSS” and “minify JavaScript. Google page speed tool shows the lists of all unminified CSS files and JavaScript along with the potential saving in kilobytes (KB) when these files will minified. In this article you will come to know what are unminified CSS and JavaScript and how to Minify these files in Blogger.

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How to redirect custom 404 error page to homepage in blogger.

How to Redirect Custom 404 Error Pages to Homepage in Blogger

Have you ever noticed that you clicked a link and you saw a notice that is, “oops error 404 page not found”. What you will do when you saw this notice. Obviously you will click back and will grow a negative mindset to that website. May be you never want to come back to that website. Think about your website. A post or link which you have deleted or reverted to draft but it is indexed by google and appearing in search results, will create this problem. In this article I will explain you that what is custom 404 error page, how it can affect badly on your website and on your visitors. Lastly I will also explain you how to overcome this problem.

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Ensure Text Remain Visible During Webfont Load in Blogger

Ensure text remain visible during webfont load. You may worry about your website’s loading speed. Upon checking your website in Google page speed tool you will find an opportunity to make your website’s loading speed fast that is, “ensure text remain visible during webfont load”. In this article I will tell you, what is the meaning of this opportunity and how to fix this issue.

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Schema in blogger

Fix schema deprecated Error in Blogger

Almost every blogger user got a message from Google webmasters and search console team that ‘ schema deprecated’. As a serious blogger, you should Fix schema deprecated Error in Blogger. As per the announcement google will end the eligibility of markup from April 6th 2020. It can negatively affect your blogger as your […]

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