What is a contact form?

  • Contact form is convenient way for visitors to communicate with the site/blog owner.
  • In contact form visitor can ask the question about site, blog, or your company after filling mandatory information asked in contact forms.

Why you need contact form in blogger?

Here are some point describing the importance of contact form on your blogger.

  • To get more leads.
  • To make yourself reachable.
  • Your visitors can send there questions quickly by email addresses without opening any email software.
  • By contact forms you can automate your work flow.
  • By contact forms you will get the opportunity to know your audience/traffic of your blog.


There are two ways to add the contact form on your blogger. You can add blogger’s default contact form or by using third party website’s contact form. In this article we are going to see how to add contact form in blogger by both methods.

Add Blogger’s default contact form:-

Open your blogger’s dashboard and click on Layout.

Now click on ‘Add a Gadget’, and choose ‘Contact form’ from the list.

add contact form in blogger.

Give a name to your contact form and click on save.

how to add contact form in blogger.

Well done, the contact form has been added to to your blogger.

Add third party’s contact form to the blogger:-

1. First go to website called Powr. and click on Start Free. You will reach on form editing area. This website will help us to add contact form on blogger.

add contact form in blogger.

On this page you can design your contact form. You can edit the content of your form, you can edit button, add or delete elements, and many more.

When you are satisfied with the resources of your contact form, click on Publish button on upper right side.

how add contact us form on blooger

Fill up your information and click on ‘Sign Up For Free’. now you will see the page like the one below.

contact form blogger

Click on blogger, copy the provided code and move to your blogger dashboard.

add form in blogger.

Add contact form in your blogger’s ‘Contact Us’ page:-

If you want to add your form in any of your page like, your Contact Us page or any other page then go to that page and click on edit.

Head over to the HTML side of page and paste the code where ever you want to display your contact us form. Now click on Update button.

how to ad form on blogger.

You have successfully added contact form in your blogger’s ‘Contact us’ page. Check your form whether it’s working or not.

Add contact form in blogger’s Homepage:-

If you want to add your form on the homepage of your blogger then follow these steps:-

  • Open your blogger’s dashboard and click on Layout.
  • Now click on ‘Add a Gadget’, and choose ‘HTML/JavaScript’ from the list.
contact form on blogger.
  • Now paste the code which you have copied earlier, give name to your configuration(optional) and save it.
how to contact on blogger.

congratulation, you have successfully added the contact us form on your blogger’s homepage. Check your form whether it is working or not.

If someone sends you message it will go to your powr account’s inbox.

contact form
logger contact form.

When someone sends message through contact form, all messages goes to your powr account’s inbox, but how you will get to know that someone has sends you message. You should be notified when a message comes to your powr inbox. Here are some simple steps to receive message notification in your email account.

Get notification in your email account when someone sends you message through contact form.

Step 1. Go to your powr account’s dashboard, choose your contact form and click on edit.

how to receive notification to your email account when someone sends you message.

Step 2. Now click on settings and under Notification, click on ‘Email to Form Admin’.

blogger conatct form.

Step 3. In ‘Send Submission Notification to’ box, write your email address and hit enter. Powr will send you a message on your provided email address to verify your ownership of that email address.

Step 4. Click on ‘Done’ and publish your form by clicking on ‘Publish’.

contact form in blogger.

Verify your email address to receive notification of new messages:-

Step 5. Now go to your email account, open the verification message sent by powr and verify your email address by clicking on ‘Verify [email protected]’.

NOTE. If you didn’t get any verification message from powr you can click on ‘Resend verification ‘ to receive another message and also check spam folder.

 POWR contact form

Once your email has been verified, you will start getting the notification whenever you will get a new message through your contact form.

If you are encountering any problem or you are stuck somewhere then ask me by comment.

You can also tweet your problem on Twitter and tag us. We will help you personally and will embed your tweet here below the article. Our Twitter handle is @realtechandbio.

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