Hi, today we are going to see how to add live chat on your blogger website. We will also get to know what is live chat and why it is so important for your website.

What is a Live Chat?

1. Live chat provides real time communication.

2. Users can talk with the representatives on the same browser rather then speaking on phone or sending emails.

Live chat is a software technology that can be implemented on your website with the help of codes and can be triggers a chat between visitors and representatives or agent in real time with in the browser.

Why live chat is so important to your website?

1. You can convince your costumer in real time on the same browser.

2. It can increase sales and conversation.

3. By live chat you can be available 24/7.

4. It can improve costumer service.

5. You can understand your visitor’s behavior.

6. Your customer can be answered quickly.

7. Saves money.

You should add live chat to your website if:-

1. You have an eCommerce website, selling products online.

2. You have a blog containing mostly reviews of the products.

3. You are running an affiliate website.

These website doesn’t need live chat:-

1. A blog which have news articles.

2. Video sharing websites.

Add live chat to Blogger. Full guide.

We will add live chat to Blogger in two steps. Let’s start.

Step 1:-

Create an account on a website called Crisp. To create account on Crisp click here. Now click on ‘Use Crisp for free’ and you will reach on sign up page.

how add live chat to blogger.

Fill up your detail and click on ‘continue’. Now you have to enter your website detail and click on ‘continue’.

dd live chat on blogger.
live chat on blogger.

So now we have finalized the Crisp account setup. Now we will connect our Crisp live chat to blogger.

Step 2:-

Connect Crisp live chat to blogger:-

On your crisp dashboard click on ‘settings’, then ‘website settings’, and then on ‘ Integrations’ under website settings.

add live chat to blogger.

Now choose the integration method as ‘HTML’. Copy the code provided by crisp and move to your blogger’s html editor.

how to add live chat to blogger.

Now paste the code provided by Crisp chat in the head section <head> of your blogger’s theme.xml file. Now save the changes.

how add live chat on blogger
crisp on blogger.

Hurrah, You have successfully added the live chat to your blogger website. Check your live chat whether it is working or not.

how to add live chat on blogger

So this is how the live chat will look like on our website. let’s make it more user friendly.

Add an avatar on live chat:-

To add an avatar on live chat, go to ‘settings’, choose ‘account’, now scroll down and you will see an option to upload your avatar.

crisp live chat.

Upload your avatar here. Changes will be saved automatically.

So we have uploaded our avatar on Crisp live chat. Now it will look more user friendly. Let’s discuss some of the coolest features of Crisp live chat.

Features of Crisp live chat:-

1. Visitor chat

Now let’s suppose someone is visiting your website but they’re not using the live chat. Even though the visitor is not using the live chat, you can still chat with them using the ‘visitor chat feature’. Let’s see how it works.

When a new visitor visits your website, your Crisp account will show you a notification of active visitor on your website with there location.

how to add live chat to your blogger

Click on location icon, now click on visitor chat option to start instant chat.

2. Magic Browser

While you are chatting with your visitors, you can also see what the visitor is seeing on your website in real time.

To start this feature click on Magic Browse and you will see what your visitor is seeing on your website. It will be a live show even you can see your visitor’s moving mouse arrow and scroll.

ow to add live chat in blogger.

By this feature you can also teach your visitors how to use your website. To assist your visitor click on ‘Start LiveAssist’.

how add crisp chat to your browser.

3. Triggers

Let’s suppose you want to send message automatically when someone visits your website. Suppose you want to send a welcome message like “Hi welcome to my website. How can I help you.” To send this message automatically, you can use a feature called Triggers. To setup a trigger follow the steps below.

Go to crisp account, click on plugin then marketing and then on Triggers.

how to add live chat to blogger.

Now you will see a page to activate the trigger, click on ‘New Trigger’ and activate the new trigger by clicking ‘New Trigger’.

Configure Trigger Action

Now you have to select an action for your trigger. You can add multiple actions in the same trigger.

Scroll down till “Configure Trigger Action” and click on ‘Show a message”.

To write your custom message click on ‘Add a localized message’ and you will see a pop up box to write your custom message.

how to add live chat to blogger

Now write your custom message and click on “Add Message”.

how to add live chat to blogger

Configure Trigger Events

Now you have to schedule your trigger to fire on specific time. For this you have to scroll down till “configure trigger action” and choose “After delay”. Select your time range in seconds and click on “Save This Trigger” to save the trigger.

how to add live chat to blogger

That’s all, your custom message will be shown after some delay when a new visitor comes to your website.

Add an operator to live chat:-

If you want additional help to live chat, you can add more people to live chat who can respond the live chat.

To add an operator in your Crisp live chat, go to your Crisp dashboard and click on “Invite An Operator”.

how to add live chat to blogger.

Now choose your Operator’s role as Member, provide operator’s email address and click on “Invite Operator”.

how to add live chat to blogger.

Now Crisp will send an invitation to your operator. If your operator accept the invitation then he/she will be access to live chat and will be able to respond the live chat.

Schedule your availability on the live chat:-

If you go in your live chat, you will see that the support is online. If you don’t want to available all the time in your live chat support, you can schedule your availability in the live chat. let’s see how to schedule your availability in the live chat.

first go to settings and choose availability. Now activate “Enable Availability Schedule”. After it you will see the options for selecting your days and timing. schedule your timing as per your choice and click on “Add”. All the changes will be saved automatically.

how to add live chat to blogger.

Receive notification on your mobile phone when someone message to you in live chat:-

You can’t be online every time in your Crisp account, so in order to receive notification in your mobile phone you have to download the Crisp mobile app in your mobile phone.

Download Crisp android app here.

Download Crisp iPhone app here.

If you have any issue regarding the installation of live chat in your blogger then please ask me by comment.

You can also tweet your problem on Twitter and tag us. We will help you personally and will embed your tweet here below the article. Our Twitter handle is @realtechandbio.



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