How to Make Tidio Chatbot in Blogger

Tidio chat TechAndBio
Tidio chat TechAndBio

Hi, In this article we are going to see How to Make Tidio Chatbot in Blogger Website. We will also get to know what is a chatbot and why it is so important to your website.

Tidio chat TechAndBio

You can’t contact with every visitor of your website manually. By adding Tidio chatbot you will not only reduce the amount of work you are doing, also you will use it to promote your products or to impress the visitors of your website.

What is Chatbot and What are the Advantages of Using Chatbot in Blogger Website.

A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software which is used to conduct online chat with human and computer in written or spoken form. It can behave like a human in conversation.

Advantages of Using Tidio Chatbot.

There are many advantages of using chatbot in blogger some are discussed below.

  1. Chatbot stimulate interaction between customer and your services, thus it can enhance your customer satisfaction.
  2. It can reduce the amount of work you are doing in interacting with your visitor.
  3. Chatbot can be used to resolve many types of customer queries and issues without a human interaction.
  4. When you reply to a customer solely with human interaction, you can resolve the queries of limited customer at a time. By using AI based chatbot you can interact with unlimited number of customer at a time without putting human power on work. Thus it can scale up your business at personalized level. Chatbot increase your reach to your customer.
  5. It can reduce customer waiting time.
  6. It can be available 24*7.

How to Make Chatbot for Blogger.

We will add chatbot to Blogger in two steps. Let’s start.

  1. Create an account on Tidio. Tidio is a chatbot software which we will use to make our chatbot.
  2. Connect Tidio account with Blogger website by installing code in blogger provided by Tidio.

How to make account on Tidio?

1. Click on this link, it will take you to Tidio website.

2. Now click on ‘Go to App’ and you will reach to sign up page.

how to enable tidio on blogger.

3. Now choose your prefer method to sign up and fill up the details then click on “create a free account”.

how to add tidio chatboat on blogger

4. Now you will go to chatbot customization page where you can customize your chatbot according to you. Here you can choose your name on chatbot and the color of chatbot, after customization click on continue.

how to add chatbot to blogger.

5. Now you have to fill up some more details. Fill these details and click on continue.

how to enable tidio chabot on blogger.

6. Now you will reach on welcome message setup page. This message will appear to the visitors when they visits to your website. Choose the welcome message you like, you can also see the preview of welcome message. Click continue after your setup.

how to add tidio chatbot on blogger.

7. Now you will reach to the installation instruction page, you don’t have to do anything here. Just click on continue, it will take you to instruction page. Again just click on “Skip now & go to main dashboard” to go to Tidio dashboard.

how to add Tidio chatbot on blogger

You have successfully created account on Tidio, now you have to connect this account with your Blogger website.

How to connect Tidio account with Blogger website?

To connect Tidio account with your Blogger follow the steps below

1. First go to your Tidio dashboard, now click on “settings” icon then “installation” and choose JavaScript.

2. Now you will see a line of code (highlighted in black), copy it by clicking copy button and move to your Blogger’s html editor.

how to make tidio chatbot in blogger
how to add tidio chatbot in blogger

3. Now paste the code provided by Tidio chatbot in the body section just upper the closing body tag </body> of your blogger’s theme.xml file. After it save the changes.

how to make tidio chatbot in blogger.

You have successfully added the chatbot on the website, Go to your website and refresh it to check how it is looking.

Now if your visitors want to ask something they can type there questions.

How to setup your chatbot to ask question automatically to visitors.

Whenever visitors want to ask something they have to type there messages manually. What if you want to ask a question automatically from your visitors so that they can choose their reply according to there queries. They will also get there queries solved automatically.

I have attached a video which will help you to setup your chatbot to ask questions from your visitors automatically.

Add an avatar to your chatbot.

To add an avatar to your Tidio chatbot just click on profile icon, then click on profile avatar. A pop-up will appear to upload your picture, now choose your profile and click on save.

how to add Tidio chatbot in blogger.

Schedule your availability on the Tidio chatbot:-

If you go in your Tidio account, you will see that the support is online. If you don’t want to available all the time in your Tidio chatbot support, you can schedule your availability. let’s see how to schedule your availability in Tidio.

To schedule your availability in Tidio click on profile icon, now click on dropdown in your status and choose Operating hours.

now click on toggle to enable operating hours, after it you will see that “Operating hours are enabled”. After it you will see the options for selecting your days and timing. schedule your timing as per your choice and click on “save” button.

You can add a day by clicking on “+” and delete by clicking on “delete” icon.

how to add chatbot to WordPress.

Add an operator to Tidio chatbot:-

If you want additional help to Tidio chatbot, you can add more people to it who can manage your Tidio account.

To add an operator in Tidio go to “settings icon” and click on “Operators” then “Add an Operator”.

How to add chatbot in blogger.

Now you will see a pop-up to add an operator in Tidio chatbot. Write the name of your new operator, his email id, password, and choose his role from dropdown and click on “Add”.

Now Tidio will send an invitation to your operator. If your operator accept the invitation then he/she will be access to Tidio chatbot and will be able to manage chatbot.

Tidio Pricing:-

Premium plan:-

Tidio offers $18/ month chatbot plan which gives you unlimited number of unique reachable visitors/month.

Free plan:-

Tidio also offers a free plan for lifetime which gives you 100 unique reachable visitors/month, 500 emails/month.

how to add chatbot in blogger.

How to upgrade Tidio plan

To upgrade your Tidio plan just click on “Upgrade” button and you will go to upgrade page. choose the plans according to your need and click on “Update my account” to proceed checkout.

Receive notification on your mobile phone:-

You can’t be online every time in your Tidio account, so in order to receive notification in your mobile phone you have to download the Tidio mobile app in your mobile phone.

Download Tidio android app here.

Download Tidio iPhone app here.

If you have any issue regarding the installation of Tidio chatbot in your Blogger then please ask me by comment.

You can also tweet your problem on Twitter and tag us. We will help you personally and will embed your tweet here below the article. Our Twitter handle is @realtechandbio.

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