How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly

How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly

If you are using Blogger to manage your online content then you soon realize that Blogger has so many limitations. Because of these limitations you need to push your limitations to a more customizable Content Management System that is WordPress. If you want to move your website from Blogger to WordPress perfectly without loosing your traffic, and Google search ranking which you have achieved through Blogger after so much effort then this article is for you. In this article we are going to tell you How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly in 2023. We will also tell you how to transfer all your traffic from Blogger to WordPress through Google Search Console.

What is Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging tool provided by Google. It was started in 1999 as BlogSpot but in 2003 it was acquired by Google and rebranded as Blogger.

You don’t need any hosting, your content and files are stored on Blogger server free of cost. You will also get a free subdomain as

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free open source content management system by which you can easily make any kind of website whether it is a blog, online tool, or an online store.

WordPress provide limitless customization one can do to creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content.

Today WordPress powers more than 455 million website from the total of 1.3 billion of all website which is 39% of all website on the internet. It has more than 2 million downloads per year.

To create a website with WordPress you need a paid hosting plan and a domain name to store your content and files. You can install WordPress for free on paid hosting plan.

Why you should move from Blogger to WordPress.

Because Blogger is a very easy tool to make a blog for newbie, it is run by Google and free to use. when beginners starts blogging then there are many chances that they start from Blogger.

The fact behind using the Blogger by beginner is that it takes few click to setup and can be live without putting much effort.

But if you serious about blogging and wat to expand your website to a larger scale website where you can add a custom homepage, a separate blog page, a separate store page, and so many things. Then may soon realize its limitations. Blogger can’t provide you all the features which you want to extend your website.

We have listed some of the strongest reason because of which you should move your blogger to WordPress.

1. Self Hosted

WordPress is a self hosted open source software means you can host your content and files where you want. Why which you have full control on your website. Domain, all the content, and files will be owned by you.

By having a self hosted plan, you will get unlimited storage, bandwidth and live support.

2. Plugin Availability

WordPress has tons of plugin by which you can add additional functionality to you website and can shape your website into whatever you want. You can add third party services by plugins without putting much effort.

3. Tons of themes available for any kind of website

You can find tons of free themes from official WordPress theme repository. You can also use premium themes from third party. By which you can shape your WordPress into any kind of website from a blog to an advance online store.

You can even build you own theme by drag and drop.

4. Completely customizable

WordPress provides you a very nice and webmaster friendly backend by which you can customize you entire website to make your it more favorable to your audience.

5. SEO friendly

WordPress offers too many plugins and plenty of option by which you can improve your search engine ranking.

6. Loads fasters

Since WordPress is self hosted, if you purchased a good self hosting plan then your site will loads faster then blogger and offers a great experience to visitors and webmasters.

7. Monetizing Options

In WordPress you have lots of monetization options. You can Google AdSense or other add network, Affiliate links, Donation buttons etc. With WordPress you can make an online store and make huge amount of money.

7. Easy Migration

You can easily migrate your WordPress website to another account, to another CMS, or to another hosting while you can’t migrate your blogger website to another CMS. you have to download all the database from blogger and import to new CMS.

So these are some of the great reason you should move from blogger to WordPress.

Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress. Complete Tutorial.

So you chosen to move your website from blogger to WordPress. I welcome your division in this guide you will get guidance to move your blogger to WordPress easily. Trust me you will not get loose any kind of your content and files, images, or videos. You will not loose your search engine ranking and traffic. Your audience will be redirected to your new website easily.

What should be transferred?

Before moving your blogger website to WordPress you should know what you have to transfer blogger to WordPress. Unfortunately it’s not possible to transfer the entire blogger website (theme, extensions, fonts, colors, widgets, etc.) but with this guide you can transfer maximum of your content and files. Some of the work you have to complete separate.

You only transfer the following data:

  • Posts and pages
  • Comments
  • Categories
  • Media
  • Permalinks
  • Feed
  • Authors
  • Traffic
  • Google Search ranking

What to keep in mind when moving blogger website to WordPress

Since you have invested so much time in making your blog by blogger. You gained much organic traffic, and build a huge audience. So it will be very shameful to forget about it while moving from blogger to WordPress. There is no meaning of moving from blogger to WordPress if you loose all your organic traffic and search engine ranking. So when moving from blogger to WordPress, you should keep in mind that you do not loose your Search Rankings and Traffic Audience.

Let’s see the steps to move blogger to WordPress.

Steps to move Blogger to WordPress

1. Choose WordPress hosting

First you have to choose the best web hosting for your WordPress.

We recommend you to choose hostinger web hosting because it provides a one-click WordPress installer, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and special optimization to improve WordPress performance.

Now hostinger provides light speed webserver which is very fast compatible to any kind of website by which website loads very fast and provides a good user experience to visitors.

here are the steps to get hostinger web hosting.

  • Click here to navigate to WordPress hosting page.
  • Now choose your favorite plan and click Add to cart. We recommend you to start with WordPress Starter plan if you are beginner.
  • Now click on shopping cart to checkout your order. you add other services like daily backup and many things from here.
  • Now click on sign up to create a hostinger account if you are new here or click on log in.
  • Choose your payment method and complete the purchase.

2. Install WordPress

  • Login to your hostinger account, head over to hosting menu and select manage.
Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly in
  • Scroll down till Website section, you need to click on “Auto Installer” tab.
Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly in
  • Now choose WordPress.
Move Your Blog From Blogger To WordPress. Complete Tutorial.
  • Fill all the required details like your domain name, protocol (https/http), Administrator Username, Administrator Password, administrator Email address, and Website Title etc. Click on “Install” after mandatory details. after few seconds installation will finish and you will see a new WordPress CMS has been installed on your website. Congratulation
  • Refresh your webpage and under WordPress section, click on “dashboard” then “Edit Website”. Now you will be redirected to WordPress admin area.

Change Theme of Your WordPress

Before exporting Blogger content to WordPress, you should change your WordPress theme to avoid any problem after exporting Blogger content to WordPress.

To change WordPress them follow the steps below.

In WordPress dashboard go to Appearance>Theme>Add New.

How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly in 2021 techandbio

Now search your preferred theme and install it. You can also upload your custom WordPress them by clicking on Upload Theme. After installing your theme click on activate to the theme.

3. Export Blogger Content

To move your blogger blog to WordPress you need to export your all content from blogger manually. Steps are given below to export/download the content from blogger.

  • First open your blogger dashboard and go to settings.
  • Now scroll down and click on “Back up content” under the Manage Blog directory.
  • A pop up will be displayed with download option, click on “download” to start downloading backup.
Move From Blogger to WordPress

It take some time to finish according to you internet and size of your file.

That’s all you have successfully took the backup of your blogger website. You will get a file named blog with the date of export. For example “blog-05-06-2021.xml”.

4. Import Blogger Content to WordPress

To import all your Blogger content to WordPress follow the steps below.

  • In WordPress dashboard go to “Tools” and click on “Import“.
  • Now find Blogger in the list and click on “Install Now“.
Import Blogger Content to WordPress

Now WordPress will install the blogger importer plugin, after finishing installation the “Install Now” link will turned into “Run Importer”.

  • Click on “Run Importer” and on the next page click on “Choose File“.
  • Now locate your Blogger .xml file and click “Upload file and import“.
Import Blogger Content to WordPress

Assign Authors

Before uploading your blogger .xml file WordPress will ask you to assign an author for the posts which are going to import from Blogger. You can assign a new author for blogger post or WordPress will also show you a list of existing authors you can choose from the drop down menu.

  • Assign an author and click on “Submit”.
Import Blogger Content to WordPress

Congratulations you have successfully imported all the content from Blogger to WordPress. It will take some time according to you file size and the speed of your internet. WordPress allows a limited file size which can be uploaded, if your file size is bigger, then you may find some difficulties in importing your blogger content to WordPress. Here I have listed some of the steps you can take if your file is too big to upload.

If Your File Size Is Too Big to Upload

While uploading your blogger content file you may find an error telling that your maximum file size is too big to upload. In this case you will need to increase your maximum upload size to overcome this problem.

Check your current upload limit.

To check your current upload limit in WordPress you can go to media and click on “Add New”, scroll down to see your current upload limit.

In WordPress dashboard Media>Add New scroll down to see maximum upload file size.

How to increase maximum upload limit in WordPress.

To increase maximum upload limit in WordPress follow the following steps.

  • Login to your hosting provider and access to your WordPress root directory (“public_html“) via FTP client or File Manager.
  • Now open .htaccess file and add the following code at the bottom of the file before “#END WordPress” line.
php_value upload_max_filesize 128M
php_value post_max_size 130M
php_value max_execution_time 300
php_value max_input_time 300
increase maximum upload limit in WordPress.

Note. post_max_size should always be larger than upload_max_filesize to avoid any error. For example the upload_max_filesize is 128MB, then the post_max_size should be 130MB.

If this method doesn’t works then you should contact your hosting provider support team and let them know the issue.

Setting up Permalinks to Match With BlogSpot

Permalinks are the URL structures which are used to redirect individual webpages. WordPress allows to setup permalinks according to your need. You can setup these permalinks according to your preference and which are most SEO friendly.

BlogSpot uses permalinks like: https://demoblog.blogspot. com/2019/05/this-is-post-title.html, since we you have imported your content from Blogger you need to change your permalinks structure in WordPress to match with BlogSpot.

To setup permalinks in WordPress to match with Blogger follow the steps below.

Setup Custom Permalinks in WordPress

  • In WordPress dashboard go to Settings than permalinks.
  • Now you will see the page showing different type of permalink structures, choose Custom Structure from the list.
  • Now copy the following text and past in the field provided.


Setting up Permalinks to Match With BlogSpot
  • Click on Save Changes to save custom permalink.

Fire Custom Permalinks in WordPress

To fire the custom permalinks in WordPress you need to run a code snippet in your WordPress theme’s function.php file. The steps are given below.

In WordPress dashboard go to “Appearance” then “Theme Editor“.

Now you will see all your theme files, select “function.php” file and paste the following code in the file and save the changes.

add_action( ‘init’, ‘wpb_update_slug’ );

function wpb_update_slug() {
global $wpdb;
$result = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE meta_key = ‘blogger_permalink’ “);
foreach ($result as $row){
$slug = explode(“/”,$row->meta_value);
$slug = explode(“.”,$slug[3]);
$wpdb->query(“UPDATE $wpdb->posts SET post_name =’$slug[0]’ WHERE ID = ‘$row->post_id’ “);
echo “DONE”;


Move From Blogger to WordPress

Now your WordPress permalinks are similar to the old blogger permalinks.

If you update or change your theme then you don’t need to put this code again in function.php file as it only need once to trigger the permalinks.

Setup Custom Redirect From Blogger To WordPress

SEO is the most important term to keep in mind during moving website from Blogger to WordPress. So in order to ensure that you don’t lose any traffic from search engines or SEO rankings you need to setup a proper redirection from Blogger to WordPress.

By setting a proper redirection you will be ensure that users those who are coming from old traffic will on the same webpage on the new site for they are they are trying to reach. It will also ensure that the visitors will not see any error.

By setting redirection Search engines will also understood that your site is moved to new location.

To setup custom redirection from Blogger to WordPress you need to install a plugin called Blogger to WordPress Redirection.

Generate Redirection Code for Blogger

  • After activating this plugin, in WordPress dashboard go Tools>Blogger To WordPress Redirection and click on Start Configuration.
  • Now you will see the list of blogs you have exported the content to WordPress, click on Get Code and scroll down.
Move From Blogger to WordPress

This plugin will give a code snippet which you have to paste in your blogger’s theme. Copy the code and move to blogger’s Theme editor.

Paste Code to Blogger Theme

  • In Blogger click on “Theme” then click on dropdown and “select Switch to first-generation classic theme“.
  • Now click on “Backup and Switch” if you want to take backup of your Blogger’s them or simply click on “Switch Without A Backup“.
  • Your Blogger theme will turn into classic mode, now click on “Edit HTML” and replace all code with the new code which you have copied from WordPress.
Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly

Verify Configuration

To configure that your redirection works properly or not go back to Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin dashboard and click on “Verify Configuration“.

Fire Custom Redirects in WordPress

To fire the custom redirects in WordPress you need to run a code snippet in your WordPress theme’s function.php file. The steps are given below.

In WordPress dashboard go to “Appearance” then “Theme Editor“.

Now you will see all your theme files, select “function.php” file and paste the following code in the file and save the changes.

function blogger_query_vars_filter($vars) { $vars[] = “blogger”; return $vars; } add_filter(‘query_vars’, ‘blogger_query_vars_filter’); function blogger_template_redirect() { global $wp_query; $blogger = $wp_query – > query_vars[‘blogger’]; if (isset($blogger)) { wp_redirect(get_wordpress_url($blogger), 301); exit; } } add_action(‘template_redirect’, ‘blogger_template_redirect’); function get_wordpress_url($blogger) { if (preg_match(‘@^(?:https?://)?([^/]+)(.*)@i’, $blogger, $url_parts)) { $query = new WP_Query( array(“meta_key” = > “blogger_permalink”, “meta_value” = > $url_parts[2] ) ) ; if ($query – > have_posts()) { $query – > the_post(); $url = get_permalink(); } wp_reset_postdata(); } return $url ? $url : home_url(); }

That’s all, now your current theme will get instructed to redirect all blogger users to the exact post which has been imported to the new WordPress site.

If you update or change your theme then you’ll need to put this code again in function.php file.

Redirect Feeds

You have completed all major task to move your website from Blogger to WordPress but what about your subscribers who have subscribe your blog via RSS feed. They will still be able to find your blog but will not receive any new comtent.

To deliver them new content as previous you have to redirect your RSS feed from blogger to WordPress.

To do this, steps are given below.

  • In Blogger click on “Settings” then scroll down till Site feed section click on “Post feed redirect URL“.
  • A pop-up will will fill your WordPress feed URL and click on “Save” to save the changes.

Your WordPress feed URL will look like this:

Move From Blogger to WordPress Perfectly

That’s all the redirection of your RSS subscribers is finished.

If you are encountering any problem or you are stuck somewhere then ask me by comment.

You can also tweet your problem on Twitter and tag us. We will help you personally and will embed your tweet here below the article. Our Twitter handle is @realtechandbio.

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    1. Hello Shankar,
      You can add your previous google analytics tracking code in your new WordPress website which you were using in your blogger. You just have to copy paste the tracking code from Google analytics. Click here for more information

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