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Hi, friends I am Imran from, today I am going to tell you how you can add a new user to your blogger website.

Let’s suppose you are the only person working on your blogger website. Now if you want to give access to your website to another person to contribute in your website, you can add them as new users.

You can control the access of new users by limiting there access on your website, if you want your new user to write blog post for you so you can just give this users access as the author of your website. If you want a user to fully control your website you set that user as admin. I will explain these terms in the end of the article.

How to add a new user in blogger?

To add new user to your blogger website you have to send them an invitation by their email id and if they accept the invitation then they will be able to use your website as new user

Step 1. First open your blogger dashboard and go to settings.

Step 2. Now scroll down and click on “invite more authors” under the permission directory.

Step 3. Now write your new author’s email address and click on send.

how to add new user to blogger.

Now google will send them an invitation email. If they accept the invitation then only they will be able to access your blogger as a new user.

To accept the invitation, go to your invitation email and click on accept invitation and you will be on blogger page. Follow the steps and you will have access to the blogger as author.

how to add new user to blogger.

Role of new user in blogger

you can choose your new user’s role as admin or author. If you choose your new user’s role as admin, they will able to control your entire website. If you choose them as author then they will get access only to write the blog post.

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How to change your user’s role?

To change the user’s role go to settings and click on “Blog admins and authors”. You will see a pop up box listing all your authors and admin. Now choose your user’s role from drop down and click on save.

how to add new user to blogger


So these are two role you can choose in blogger. So that’s it, this is how you can add new users to your blogger. If you have any problem regarding this you can ask me by comment box or you can write to our twitter handle. Our Twitter handle is @realtechandbio.

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