How to Start A Blog in 2023. Complete Guide.

How to Start A Blog in 2023. Complete Guide.
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Have you ever wondered how to start a blog which makes money enough to left your job?

Well with the good amount of motivation and dedication you can do it.

The blog TechAndBio you are reading at this time gets over 4,56,536 unique visitors per year which produce an enjoyable amount of money.

how to make a blog?

Generating this much traffic in a short time will be really hard. But if you obsessed with blogging and give your 100 percent hard work then it is not a big deal to generate a good amount of traffic.

When I started blogging I went through some of the most terrible mistakes and stumbled a lot in the way.

In this guide I will show you how to avoid the same mistakes which I have done which will be easier to you to build your audience in a very clear and quicker manner.

Today almost 75% of internet users loves to read and learn with blogs and articles. If you love to write then you should start a blog to reach millions of people, you can use your blog for your personal use and also for making money.

If you perform a quick google search you will come to know the amount of blog are being written on a topic.

how to make a blog.

Making blog is a great way of building an online community of like-minded people around you. You can turn your blog into a money making machine if you have passion in writing.

With increasing technology, starting a blog is more easier then opening a physical store even you are a complete beginner and you don’t have a knowledge about coding, HTML, and web designing.

In this step by step guide I will walk you through entire process of blog formation. I will also tell you what is a blog, why you need it, and how you can make money from it. After reading this complete article you will get everything you need to set up your blog.

What is a Blog and why you need it.

A blog is a webpage running on the internet which contains regularly updated content on one or multiple topics for personal or commercial use. It can be run by one person or a team of people.

The content on a blog is managed in the form of articles on individual web pages called blog post.

Why you need a blog?

Whether you are a passionate writer who want to share personal information or wants to earn money by educating people on a specific subject then you need to start a blog.

Through blogging you can reach millions of people with your content and can make a strong income base for your lifestyle. Here are some some key points why you need a blog.

You need a blog:-

  • If you want to share you personal thought with millions of people.
  • If you want to build a strong community of like-minded people around you.
  • If you want to earn money with the help of your writing skill.
  • If you want to establish a personal brand.

Benefits of having a blog.

Although the main benefit of having a blog is to connect with like-minded people, but with the right tactics and strategies blogging is a great way to establish a personnel brand, to build an audience and community around you which can open great opportunities to make money with blog.

How to make money with the Blog.

With the help of blog you can earn money in many ways like advertising, affiliate marketing, selling your products, selling online courses and workshops and so on.

Click here to know more about how you can make money with your blog.

Types of Blog you can make.

There are many types of blog can be made like personnel blog, niche blog, affiliate blog, company or business blog etc.

Step by step guide to start a blog.

Step 1. Select a Blog Topic.

The very first step is to choose a topic for your blog. It is a quite complex thing. When you are blogging just for fun then it is easy to choose a topic, but when you want to earn money from your blog then choosing a right topic is very important .

Many people choose random topic for blogging but after some time they get bored and end up with nothing. So when you decide to start a blog for earning money then you have to be very serious on choosing the topic.

What is a Topic?

When you start a blogging, you can’t write anything in your blog. You have to choose your area of expertise based on your education, training, and skill.

Like you are interested about gym and want to write about gym and its related things then your topic of blogging will be gym and its related things.

How to choose a perfect topic for blogging?

Choosing a random topic for blogging in which you are not interested and you don’t have any knowledge about it, then it will end up very soon. I have discussed some important point to choose a perfect topic for blogging.

1. Select a topic in which you are interested.

Many new bloggers makes a mistake that when they see something trending on the internet, they start thinking about writing on that topic whether they are interested or not. Think about yourself, can you remain all time excited for that topic which you are not interested in? Can you do best on it? Obviously not.

So pick a topic in which you are interested not random trending topics.

2. Do you really enjoy learning about the Topic?

If you selected a topic you don’t love it, it will show in your writing. It is advised note to start a block with a topic you don’t love.

Any topic you choose for blogging you have to love it.

If not you’ll run out of interest and ideas, you will lose the curiosity which you had at beginning.

Most importantly you will not be able to produce content consistently.

If you are still not getting it then think for what things people come to you for advice on. You will come to know on which topic you are good at.

3. Are others interested in the same Topic?

know that are other people interested in the same topic or it is your personnel interest? you have find out you are the only one obsessed with the topic or there are others out there?

Do a google trend search and see how much people are searching for the same topic.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

After it you’ll get some ideas about your topic that people are interested or not.

4. Stick to your topic.

Never go out of your topic when you are writing when you are writing you have to stick to your topic. Take an example that your topic is gym and its related content and your reader loves to read about it. Will it not be quite disappointing when they end up reading about travelling or other topic.

If your blog is about particular topic then it should always remain on it.

5. Check for the competition on your topic.

It is important to do a research on your topic. Selecting a topic which is more competitive is quite difficult to get enough traffic on your blog.

Try to choose a topic for your blog which is more interesting and less available on the internet.

You can use Google AdWords and Google trend to narrow down your research.

6. See if your topic is profitable or not.

Choose a topic which is profitable. After all you are doing this for money. Don’t choose a topic which you only not interested in but also millions of people.

Step 2. Select a Niche for your Blog.

The second step is to select a suitable niche which suits your knowledge and you have interest in it. Selecting a niche is like selecting the products for sell in your physical shop.

If you have selected a niche in which you not interested or you have a very little knowledge about it, then in future you may find difficulties to sustain your blog.

What is a Niche?

Niche is nothing but specifically the content which you are going to write in your blog.

But you can’t write anything, so you have to choose an area of your expertise.

The internet is full of market, a niche is a small part of larger market in which you are expert and love to do it from many years.

According to entrepreneurs the niche is:-

  • A segment of your expertise on the basis of your knowledge, work and training.
  • Something people love to know more about it.
  • A matter of your spirit and thoughts which you feel proud to share with other people and never felt shy.
  • A part of subject which you’d love to write about.
  • Like a hobby that you never felt regret and continue to do it even you aren’t getting paid for it.
  • Like a job which can earn you money.
  • Like your best friend with whom you love to spent time and you never got bored.

How to choose a good and profitable Niche for your Blog?

Now you understood what a niche is. its time to think about the value of the niche which you have selected for your blog. It is important to determine the value of a niche around people

We have discussed some of the important points which will help you to select a better niche for your blog.

1. Select a niche in which you are passionate and skilled.

If you are selecting a niche for your blog then don’t just choose a niche in which you are kind interested, to be sustainable your niche should be something about you have passion in it.

It should be something you love to do in your free time even if didn’t getting paid for it.

2. Select a niche on the basis of you education and skill.

It is also important to think about your skill and experience in a particular area. Figure out in which field you are good. You can do it on the basis of your education and training or you can also evaluate your skill and knowledge developed through your work.

3. Figure out the market value of your selected niche.

Making a blog blog is a complete waste of time unless you are not not making money from it. It is advised to do some research about your selected niche whether your niche is attracting people or not.

Think about yourself that a niche you are thinking about has the potential to make money. yep you’ll need more research!

Keep following points in mind when selecting a profitable niche.

  • If you are making an affiliate blog, spend some time on eCommerce websites like ClickBank, Etsy and Amazon etc. Look for what people are buying, what are the top sellers over a period of time.
  • Think about your competitors, how they are providing the reviews on a particular product.
  • If you want to help people by making a blog like wikihow, then do some research over google like on what issue people are talking about, what do want as solution? are the getting the solutions as they want?

Keeping above tactics in mind and integrating your knowledge, passion and the right strategies surely you will find a perfect, sustainable, profitable, and long lasting niche.

Step 3. Choose a Name for your Blog.

After choosing topic and the niche for your blog, its time to choose a good name for your blog. A name which is related to your niche will more opportunities to attract audience and also perfect for google algorithm.

Keep following things in mind when choosing a name for your blog.

  • It should be related to your niche.
  • the name should be appealing to your audience.
  • Check the names of successful blogs in your niche. You can generate some ideas about your blog name but keep your name original and unique.
  • Keep your name short and catchy. Choosing the long name is not a good idea for your audience and also google.
  • It should be easy to read.
  • Don’t choose a narrow name for your blog.
  • Don’t use numbers and special characters.
  • Check for the domain availability because your blog name and domain name should be similar to each other. So its important to check the availability of domain when choosing the name for your blog.

Step 4. Purchase a Hosting and register a Domain Name.

To set up your blog you will need a domain name and hosting where all your files will be stored on the internet.

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is a name of your website. It is an address where internet users can access your website. Like in my case is the domain name for the website TechAndBio like for Facebook is the domain name for the Facebook.

The domain name comes in multiple extensions like.

  • .in
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • Others
How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

The popular extension is .com

.com suitable when you are targeting international audience but when you want to target audience from a specific country or a particular geolocation then you can take the country’s extension. Like if you want to target audience from the country India then you can go for the extension .in, if you are making your blog about any organization then you can choose extension .org.

What is Hosting?

After domain name you will need a web hosting. Web hosting is a service that allows us to post or content on the server. Just like a physical shop you need some space to store all your goods, similarly you need some space on the internet to store your all website’s content so all the internet users can have access to it.

Types of Hosting.

Hosting comes in different varieties like

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is a type of web hosting that allows multiple website owner to share a physical web server and its resources among multiple customers.

Share the hosting allows multiple people to utilise a single server for their website.

Server is a type of a physical data storage system which have a millions of GBs data storage capacity. Buying the entire server will be really expensive so when you are using shared web hosting it means you have purchased some space on the server to store your data.

It is a cheapest solution.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting services provide hosting on virtual server which pull their computing resources from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.

It provide multiple connected servers.

It is reliable and accessible, seamless, scalable, and cost efficient.

It is used by stablished website that need more resources.

It is costlier.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is an internet hosting option in which physical server is owned by a single business customer.

It is very complicated, needs developer knowledge to manage.

It can be customize according to need. It is extremely fast can handle lots of traffic.

It is not suited to individual bloggers.

Purchase web hosting with Hostinger

After you know everything about web hosting and domain name. Now it’s its time to purchase it to get your blog live.

At first it may looks complicated, but trust me it is much easier then it looks.

My favourite hosting company is Hostinger becouse it provide web hosting and domain name at a very cheap prices which is suited for every type of blogger whether they are familiar with blogging or they are completely newbie.

Hostinger provide a very simple interface and one click installation of every software. They have a dedicated team of developers to help you at every instance whenever you stuck.

Head over to the Hostinger and scroll down. Now it’s time to take your blog live. Now select your web hosting.

You will see three different plans. scroll down and choose Premium Web Hosting plan for rs149.00/month. This plan includes everything you need when you are just starting out. It can also handle too much traffic. It is the lowest cost plan with a free domain name which include every feature to start a professional blog.

You will always be able to upgrade your plan when you need it.

how to make a blog ,select hostinger plan

After choosing the hosting plan, you will be taken to the next page. Here you have to the duration of your plan, create your account, and choose the payment method. fill all the detail and click on the “Submit Secure Payment” button to complete your purchase.

How to Start A Blog. Complete Guide.

Note. If you want a best deal or want to save mare money then I recommend you to choose 4 year plan.

So now you have completed your purchase next you will set up your account.

After finishing your purchase now sign in to your Hostinger account. you will see your purchased hosting and domain in the home page of Hostinger. Click on “Setup” button to setup your website.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

On the next page click on “Start Now“. Now you have to choose your domain name. If you have already purchased it then you can connect it or you can also buy it from this page.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

If you have purchased your domain from Hostinger then select first option or you have purchased it from another registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. then you can select second option.

Fill all the details on the next page and click on “Finish registration“.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

Congratulations you have successfully registered and connected your domain with your hosting. Now you have to setup your website. On the next page you will get three option to make your website. You can make your website from premade templets or you can also migrate your existing site to the Hostinger and also start from the scratch. Select the third option to start from the scratch.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

On the next page you’ll have the option to select your server location. Leave it as it is or you can can change you server location if you wish to do so and click “Finish Setup“. On the next page click on “Manage Site” to go on Hostinger Control Panel (hPanel). This is the area from where you will control your website as a whole.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

So now you have completed you website setup. Now you will have to install a Content Management System (CMS) on the website. A CMS is a software where you will manage all your website content. Let’s see what is a CMS.

What is a CMS?

Accountant management system is a software by which users create, manage, and modify content on their website using simple easy to use interface. It doesn’t require technical knowledge.

Bye CMS anyone can manage the content on the web if they are purely newbie.

CMS helps you to build your website, blog, or online shopping portal in an easy way without writing a single line of code

A typical CMS provide all the types features to succeed in online world like writing content, saving media files, building pages, and also the SEO of your website.

Popular Content Management Systems. is the most popular CMS in existence. WordPress holds over a 43% websites on the internet which makes it one of the most liked CMS on the internet.

Some other popular CMS listed below.

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

Step 4. Install WordPress.

Now you are done with your hosting setup and domain. It’s time to install WordPress on your hosting to manage all the content. To install it follow the steps below.

  • Go to hPanel of your Hostinger, here you some options, scroll down and click on auto installer.
How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.
  • Now Hostinger will ask you which platform/CMS you want to use for your site. Select WordPress.
How to Start A Blog. Complete Guide.
  • you will reach on WordPress installation page. Fill all the details like Administrator Username, Administrator Password, administrator Email address, and Website Title etc. After it click on “Next“. On the next page leave all the detailes as it is, now click on “Install“.
How to Start A Blog. Complete Guide.

after few seconds installation will finish and you will see a new WordPress CMS has been installed on your hosting. Congratulation for your new blog, now you are ready to move on the next step.

Know your CMS WordPress, your blogging software

You can’t start blogging without a blogging software. WordPress has all the feature to start your blogging journey.

To know more about WordPress and its feature you can read a part of this article.

On hPanel, now you will get three more options for managing WordPress, these are Dashboard, Staging, and Plugins.

How to Start A Blog. Complete Guide.

Click on Dashboard under WordPress directory in the hPanel, here you will get some option to manage your blog like forcing HTTPS, upgrading database, and WordPress version. If you scroll down you can see your current WordPress version and database version.

If you have any issue you can always reinstall the the WordPress version from here by clicking “Install Another WordPress“.

You can go to WordPress admin panel area by clicking “Edit Website“.

You can also force https for your blog from here.

That’s all now let’s see how to customize the WordPress.

Step 5. Design and Customize your Blog.

Now design your blog based on your need. For this you have to go to WordPress admin area. Go to WordPress>Dashboard>Edit Website from your hosting account.

You can also type ( in the search bar to go to your WordPress admin area.

Type your username and password to sign in to WordPress dashboard.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

Now you reach to WordPress dashboard, if you are new here then might looks pretty annoying to you at first. But you will get know everything after some time.

Change theme

At first your theme will look very simple. But you are going to start something big and unique which fits your name and brand.

To this you have to change your blog theme.

Yes, WordPress and other third party website provides thousands of prebuilt themes which can make your blog out of the box.

Getting all perfection with a theme is impossible, but the more time you spend on your blog the more you will furnish it.

Now let’s see how to change a them in WordPress step by step.

To change a theme click on “Appearance>Theme“.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

Now WordPress will show you some ready to go themes. you can choose from them or you can click on “Add New” to access thousand of stunning themes.

Apply the filters to narrow down your search. It will help you to search a theme that fits your need.

Apply feature filter Blog, Custom Header, Grid Layout to search your theme.

Request the filter like the one below.

How to Start A Blog in 2022.

After applying this filter you will get many themes which can suits your need.

Click on the theme to see the thumbnail and demo of it.

After your peak satisfaction click on “install” to install the theme in your blog and now click on “activate” to activate the theme on your blog. Now you are all set.

How to Start A Blog in 2022.

If you didn’t found a theme which can fullfill your need then you can go to third part website and purchased a premium theme and upload it to your blog.

The good company providing premium themes are.

  • Themeforest
  • Elegant Themes
  • StudioPress
  • Thrive Themes

To upload a premium theme in your blog, click on upload theme and choose file of the theme. It should be in zip format.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

After uploading click on activate to activate it in your blog.

Great, now your theme should be ready to go.

Now let’s see how to customize your theme on the basis of your needs.

Customize Your Blog

Though every theme of WordPress comes with preconfigured and default customization settings, but if you had like to change parts of it then you are welcome to do so.

You can implement a design idea which is growing in your mind.

Even though customization comes with endless choices but we will see the essential parts of it.

The customization choices and the ability depends on the theme. Every theme provides a different set of customization options but some are common. The common options you can customize are:-

  • Site identity. Here you can change your blog title, tagline, and also you can add a logo and a favicon.
  • Colors. Here you will have ability to change your global color setting.
  • Header. Here you can choose a graphic or an image on the top of your blog.
  • Background. Here you can change you blog’s background color. Even you can set a custom image in the background.
  • menus. Here you can customize your blog’s navigation system by which your blog will be interconnect to each page and post. A good navigation is crucial to a professional blog.
  • Widgets. In widget area you can add any type of element that enable a specific type of feature to your blog. It can be added to any part of your blog such as sidebar, footer, in the middle section, or any other part.
  • Footer. In this section you can design footer of your blog. You can add menus, widgets, or basically anything you want.
  • Additional CSS. In this section you can put your own CSS code to customize the appearance and layout of your blog.

Now let’s see them one by one and know how to play with them.

To go to customization click on the “appearance>customization“.

Start A Blog in 2022

Add a logo and a favicon to your blog.

Logo is a mark or symbol which exist on the top of your blog used to make your blog unique and to create a brand. Without a logo your blog cannot be unique. Like every company has its own logo to the represent it’s brand, so you should also have a logo in your blog.

Favicon is a small part/icon of your logo which locates on the top bar of the browser.

How to Start A Blog

There are many free tools available on the internet to generate your logo and favicon. Some of them are listed below.

Best free logo generator:-

Best free favicon generator:-

To add logo to your blog click on “General settings>Site identity>Select logo“.

Now WordPress will tell you what type of logos are acceptable select your file and upload it to your blog.

To add Favicon click on “General Setting>Site Identity>Select Favicon“. Now WordPress will tell you what type of favicon are acceptable, select your file and upload it to your blog.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

After uploading your Favicon your logo should be visible in live preview.

Change your blog color.

You will have three common color option in customizer section. These are theme color, Header text color, and Background Color. Choose your color scheme which suits your need.

Here one thing I have to clear you, that color has an important role in blog design. It affects your professionalism.

To change color go to “General Settings>Color” and Choose your colors.

Choose Background Image.

To choose a background image you have to go to “General Settings>Background Image>Select Background Image” select your file and upload it to your blog. Now background image should be visible in the live preview.

Create Navigation/Menu in your Blog.

There are two common place for menu in every theme. To create a new menu click on “Menus>Generate New Menu“. Write your Menu name and choose the location then click on “next“, now you have to add links/item to your new menu. You can add pages, post, landing pages, categories, and tags to the menu. Even you can also add custom links to it.

Now click on “add items” to choose your links/items.

How to Start A Blog

Customize Footer Settings.

In customizer section you can also customize footer of your blog. The common settings in footer are layout, and bottom section. Here you can change the layout of your footer. You can show your branding text like copyright (yourblogname) (currentyear) or made in (yourcountryname) etc.

Customize sidebar in your blog.

To customize your sidebar you have to customize your widgets in customizer section. By this you can put your categories, tags, or trending article in the sidebar. Apart this you can put anything you want in your sidebar including custom HTML scripts.

Choose Blog Layout.

In this section you can define the width of your blog. You can choose your blog to appear in boxed layout or in full width.

To do this go to “General Setting>blog/site layout” and choose your preference.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

After your peak satisfaction click on “publish” to make your changes live.

Step 6. Configure your Blog.

So you have customized your blog. Now it’s time to configure your blog. To do this you have to go through some WordPress settings. WordPress comes with default setting which works very well. We are not going to change them, we will just go through them.

To go to setting just click on “settings” on WordPress dashboard.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

make sure always click on “save changes” button every time you make changes to your settings.

Let’s see them one by one.

General Settings.

In General Settings you got.

  • Site Title. this is the area where you will choose the title for your blog make sure you apply the tactics which I have described earlier.
  • Tagline. This is a slogan or a short description which defines your blog niche in one sentence keep it clear, short, and descriptive.
  • WordPress address URL and site address URL. Here you can choose whether to use www or not.
  • Administration Email Address. this is your administration email you can also change it if you want. The new email will be activated after confirmation.
  • New user Default Roll. It’s a default roll for new user always keep it subscriber.

Other settings you can manage from here are time zone, site language, date format etc. Keep it on the basis of your preference.

writing settings.

In this section you can set default post category and default post format.

How to Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

Reading Settings.

Here you can choose your homepage whether you want your latest post or a static page which you have designed.

In reading setting make sure that the field labelled discourage search engine from indexing this site remains and unchecked. see the image below.

Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

You have to keep it unchecked so that search engine like Google and Bing can find your new blog. In this section you can also define that how much blog post you want to show in blog page.


In this setting you can customize the settings related to the comments. Here you can choose whether your readers are allowed to comment or not. You can choose if you want to manually approve every comment or not.

Media Settings.

In media settings you will set the default cropping for your media assets.
here you can choose thumbnail size, medium size, and large size for your images.

When you upload any image to WordPress it is automatically cropped into three sizes and are used based on your settings and theme.

Permalink Settings.

Permalinks are the URL structures which are used to redirect individual webpages. WordPress allows to setup permalinks according to your need. You can setup these permalinks according to your preference and which are most SEO friendly.

The most recommended and preferred permalink by Google and other search engines is.

Setup Permalinks in WordPress.

  • In WordPress dashboard go to “Settings” than “permalinks“.
  • Now you will see the page showing different type of permalink structures, choose “Post name” from the list.
How to make a blog in 2023
  • Click on “Save Changes” to save permalink.

Step 7. Optimize your Blog.

As you should know in 2022, 4.5 millions blog post are being posted every single day. This shows that the game has become more saturated and competitive. If you want to attract quality traffic to your website in this situation then you will need to work hard not just only on quality content but also on your blog that ranks.

Here we are giving some points on the search engine optimization and for speed. Let’s dive in them.

Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of practices need to improve the presence and the position of the web pages in the search engine for organic search results.

As we all know that organic traffic is the most effective and prominent way to present your quality content in front of people, It is a most effective strategy to success in cyber world and improving the quality and quantity of  your website.

Although the very first step for good SEO strategy is to create quality content for your users which have a value to real people and not for search engines.

Another step you can start by installing a plugin called Yoast SEO. It has everything which you need to rank your blog on search engines except quality content. To install the plugin follow the steps below.

Install and Setup the Yoast Plugin.

  • Hover over the “Plugin” menu and click on “add new“.
How to Start A Blog in 2022.
  • On the next page search for “Yoast SEO” in the search bar. Install the plugin and then activate it.
How to Start A Blog in 2022.
  • You can access Yoast plugin by clicking Yoast SEO in the menu or on the icon on the top. you will reach to Yoast dashboard.
How to Start A Blog in 2022.

Configure Yoast SEO plugin

Now click on “First-time Configuration” tab and start configure your site in Yoast to get ranked on search.

  • First optimize your site for SEO data the then click on “Continue” .
how to make a blog with WordPress full guide
  • Now describe your site represent an organization or a person, then fill the name of it and upload the logo or a picture of yours.
  • Now click on the “Save and Continue” button.
blog using wordpress in 2022
  • Now fill up your social profiles and again click on Save and continue.
blog formation in 2022 with wordpress
  • Now edit your personal preference like if you want to receive Yoast Newsletter or you want site data to be tracked by Yoast or not and clock on “Save and continue” button.
how to make a blog in 2022 by the help of wordpress

That’s all now click on “or visit your SEO Dashboard” to finish up your setup.

Step 8. Submit Your Site To Search Engines like Google and Bing.

  • On the Yoast dashboard click on the tab “Webmaster Tool” and then “Google Search Console“.
how to make blog using wordpress
  • Sign in to your Google account. After it you will go to Google Search Console official page, click on “HTML Tag“, you will see a new drop down with a line of Meta code. Copy the alphanumeric code without the quotation mark as shown in the in the picture.
make blog easily with wordpress
  • Now paste this meta code into the Google Search Console text box and click “Save Changes.”
how to make blog easily with wordpress in 2022
  • After this click on “Verify” button in Google Search Console.
make a blog with wordpress

Congratulation you have successfully submitted your blog to Google Search Console. Now google will start indexing your blog and will start to show your blog on google search. Like this only you have to submitted your blog to other search engines also like Bing, and Yandex, etc.

how to make a blog in 2022

If you are still with me, then you should have purchased your domain, hosting, setup WordPress, and submitted to search engines. Now its time to write in your blog.

Step 9. Publish Blog Content

So now you have established your blog now it’s time to start publishing your content which is the actual blogging.

Any information which you share with your readers is called content. You will need to learn how to write and publish the content on your blog which will have the value to the people for which they come back again. Here I am giving some information which will give you a basic idea to write your content.

On WordPress you share your content as a blog post or blog page.

Brainstorm Blog Content.

your content should not be anything so you need to brainstorm your content before your write.

The content of your blog should be the output of your personal experience, passion, skills, education, success, failures, your new learnings, every day’s problems etc.

Basically you should generate your content keeping your point of view. To generate blog ideas you can use a series of questions that comes in your mind. Suppose your blog niche is gym and its related things, you can start by questions like…

1. “What I love about the Gym?”


  • You love to build muscles.
  • You will prefer the gym center which is near to you.
  • you love to train yourself physically.

2. “What do I hate about the gym?”


  • You hate to take too much packaged proteins an supplement.
  • you hate the gym which is too much far from you.

3. “What common problems I faced when I was a newbie?”


  • You don’t know how to lift weight properly.
  • you don’t know how to maintain your diet plan.

Now see through the lens of your readers like…

1. “What my readers prefer about my niche?”


  • The will love if you teach them how to maintain diet plan on low cost.
  • They will love to know the alternatives of synthetic suppliment.

2. “What my readers hate about my niche?”


  • They will hate your content if you mainly focus on telling them to rely on weight gainer and other supplement.
  • They will hate the content which focus on getting fat rather then building muscles.

3. “What nature/character traits do my readers posses?”


  • Generally gym trainees have emotional connection with there physique etc. They may be patience people because building body is not a rocket process.

4. “What common challenges do my readers face?”


  • Gym trainees face problem in waking early. You can tell them how to wake up early in the morning.
  • They may face problem in maintaining there gym expenses.

These are the some tactics to come up with your blog topics.

It is not a very complicated task. a focused minded blogger won’t take too much time.

Write your first blog post.

WordPress provides really easy to use editor to write the content. To write blog post see following steps.

  • On WordPress dashboard click on the “post“.
  • Now click on “add new” button on the top or in the side bar.
  • Now you will see the WordPress blog editor where you will write your content. It provides everything to write your content like headings, media, quotes, and many more.
how to make blog in 2022
  • First write your blog title which you have produced in your brainstorming session in the title text box.
make a blog in wordpress 2022
  • Now you can start typing your article in large text area and feel until you feel enough with your content.
  • To write anything or adding assets like media, quotes, list, or any other thing, click on “+” icon from the top left corner or from the down right corner and you will get the vast list of Gutenberg blocks.
how to make WordPress blog
  • To add images click on the + icon then select image block. Note. Ensure your text cursor is in the place where you want your image to appear.
how to make a blog in 2022
  • Now choose upload or select the image from your pre-uploaded media library. You can also choose royalty free images.
  • After upload you can resize, choose alignment or add link using the options at the top of block.
make blog in 2022 with wordpress
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

Now your image will be inserted into the post as per your needs.

After that you have completed your article you will have to optimize your article with the yoast SEO plugin.

The yoast post optimization can be at bottom of the main post editing page.

How to Start A Blog in 2022.

In yoast optimization setting you have to provide your article’s SEO title, slug, meta description, and focus keyphrase. Write attractive SEO titles and meta description which tells about your post.

Based on these information the yoast will generate a preview of your article that how it will look like in Google Search Engine Result.

Yoast SEO plugin will provide real time SEO analysis. You can optimize your post based on that analysis.

Obtain as many green lights as possible. At least try to get 80% green lights, it means your post is ok.

Now your post is ready to publish. But before publishing view your post by clicking on preview button at the top of the page. Make sure your post looks the way you want.

 Start A Blog in 2022. Complete Guide.

Here are some points to take in consideration while writing your post.

  • Write attractive headlines.
  • Use conversational writings.
  • Use short paragraph.
  • Use sub-headings.
  • Writings lengthy articles.
  • Use pictures.
  • Check for grammatical errors.

If everything goes on your side then you are ready to publish your blog post.

On the top of the page you can find the publish button and see how your post will look.

Congratulations, you have just posted your first blog post which will be according to your needs well optimize for search engines and ready to rank on search engines.

Write your first blog page.

You just got to know that how to write and publish post on your blog. Now we will see how to make a page on blog. Luckily publishing a page in WordPress has the same process as publishing a post.

For publishing a new page just go to your WordPress dashboard and then Pages>Add New. Now you will go to the page editing screen.

How to Start A Blog in

Start writing your page and add your assets, media files, images, etc just like you have done in post writing.

After all satisfaction publish your page to make it visible publicly.
As to maintain the credibility and transparency, your blog must have some of these pages.

About us. Tell your visitors what your blog is about and who is behind it. If you are a team of multiple people, you can make separate profile pages for each person.

Contact us. Here you have to add your contact sources like your email, phone contacts, WhatsApp etc. Adding a contact form here is also a good idea. You can also add your physical address if you want.

Privacy Policy. Here you have to tell your privacy policy that what type of data you keep when people come to your website and how process that that data.

Disclaimer. Here you have to disclose that how you earn from your blog. Make sure to clear that you don’t take any responsibility if a person is purchasing any product from your affiliated link.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed all the steps to making your perfect blog.

Now its time to manage your time and produce your quality content that pays back to you.

How to Brainstorm Your Content.

Blogging is a second name of continuity. If you want to remain in this game then you have to be regular, and produce quality content on time. If you fail fulfilling these requirements then very soon you will thrown out of the ring.

For regular posting and continuity you need your ideas to come up in your mind.

you need to make a flow of ideas in your mind to generate articles and posts.

And this checklist I have listed some of the points which will help you to brainstorm your content.

Find your inspiration everywhere

The first step in brainstorming your content is to get to know your competitors inside and out. This means doing some research on them, but also being aware of what they’re not doing at all. For example:

Are they writing about the same topics you are? If so, then try and find a way to differentiate yourself from them by talking about something that no one else has covered yet (or better yet—something that nobody else bothers with).

Do they have great images? If so, maybe you should consider hiring an illustrator or getting some stock imagery for free from sites like Unsplash or Pixabay that have millions of high-quality photos available for use in your posts.

Use Google Search.

You can use google search to find blog ideas. When you type a keyword in google search, then google shows some related searches, These searches are those in people are interested.

How to Start A Blog in 2022.

Finally on the result page you can also look at “People also ask” box. Here you can find most asked questions related to your topic.

How to Start A Blog in 2022

Use Keyword Research Tools

For searching the right topic for your blog post, use keyword research tools. There are many keyword research tools in the market free/paid which helps you to find the right topic which your audience wants.

Some best keyword research tools are.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator (paid)
  • Keyword Sheeter (Chrome extension)
  • Answer the Public, Keyword Surfer
  • Keyworddit, Questiondb
  • Reddit Keyword Research Tool
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Moz (paid)
  • SEMrush (paid)

Ask Your Audience Through Blog and Social Media Comments

Ask your self That for whom you are creating content, for your audience exactly. So why not ask from them directly that what they want. For this you can use blog comments and social media.

After every blog post you have published, ask your readers for more content ideas through comments and social media.

Make an Editorial Calendar to Manage your time

One of the main, and fatal mistake new blogger make that they fail to deliver content on the regular basis.

They publish content when they feel it forgetting that new fans want new content on the regular basis.

whether you start blogging or not, life will continue to give you new nuisances.

So in every circumstances you have to understand that consistency is something that you need to prioritize.

In order to manage your publishing schedule you have to follow an editorial calendar. Following editorial calendar you will notice that it help in growing your blog. So let’s see how to make an editorial calendar.

It is not a complicated thing, just open open a new excel spreadsheet or google sheet.

Start with the columns and according to your need like publishing date, title, category, keyword etc.

You can add additional columns according to your needs but keep it simpler.

Now you have to complete your task according to your final deadline. We recommend minimum 1 blog post per week.

You can post as much as you want. It all depends on you and on your time management. But remember to prioritize quality.

A few awesome high-quality blog post are better then several low-quality blog post.

Monetize your Blog

The last step to monetize your blog. If you are thinking that you will start earning money immediately after launching your blog then it is not a good thinking.

There are several ways to earn money through blogs. here I am telling some of them.

  1. Ad Networks like AdSense, Ezoic
  2. Direct Advertisements
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Native Advertising
  5. Paid reviews/Sponsored posts
  6. Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
  7. Launch an Online Course
  8. Offer Online consulting
  9. Offer Services based on your skills

That’ all. have you started your blog or not. tell me through comment box and also ask if you got any problem through entire journey.

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